Mommy Thumb-what is it and how to prevent it

Mommy thumb also known as De Quervains Tenosynovitis is a common condition caused by overuse of the muscles around your thumb. For new Mums picking up baby is one of the main causes, at first when baby is a tiny newborn we don’t notice the strain on our thumbs, but over time as baby gets bigger, the repetition of picking baby up and down, in out of cribs and car seats can cause a sharp shooting pain around the base of the thumb.

So what can we do about it:

  • try keeping your thumbs tucked in when you pick up your baby
  • massage the space between your thumb and fingers called the webspace, be careful not to massage for too long or you can irritate your other hand!
  • consider baby wearing, wearing your baby keeps them close to you, keeping you hands free to get things done and limits stress on your thumbs!
  • If these solutions don’t work consider a referral to Occupational Therapy.

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