BioHacking & Nutrigenomics

BioHacking 101: 

I always thought biohacking was something that hippies did on the West coast. It got lumped into a category in my mind, called not real science. Then in February 2019 I met some people that really opened my eyes to this powerful tool.

I was presenting at an Ayurvedic Conference in Greece and one of the other presentations was about Nutrigenomics and Bio Hacking. 

These amazing presenters, spoke about a product called Protandim and the role of the NRF2 pathway in decreasing our bodies levels of oxidative stress.

Oxidative Stress is one of the leading causes of a long list of health concerns, and it is made even worse by our hectic, stress filled lifestyles and poor dietary habits.

These include:

Oxidative stress also contributes to aging.

Protandims’ ingredients work synergistically to activate this NRF2 pathway. By activating this pathway, something that already exists inside us, but becomes less active as we age triggers a response in our bodies on a cellular level. 

The blood SHOWS activation if you look at it….and it shows oxidation and oxidative stress. See the little hazy crescents in the cells on the left? That is hemoglobin that is oxidizing, aka, oxidative stress. Now look at the ones on the right (3 months after taking protandim). The cells are clear, circular, and numerous as healthy cells should be!

Who doesn’t want to feel better, age slower and beat stress!

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