Pediatric Incontinence & Constipation

A natural holistic approach to incontinence.

After the age of 5 years old “bed wetting” or enuresis as it is known in the medical world is no longer normal. Many pediatricians and family practice physicians will assure parents that their child will “grow out of it”. Statistically speaking, only 15% of children “grow out of it” without intervention. In the mean time, this child and their family is left to deal with the daily stress and low self esteem.

For many families dry nights or even getting through the day without having to wash clothes or console their child who is having bladder accidents feels like an unachievable goal. I can help.

Constipation is far too common in children and often goes hand in hand with enuresis.

Chronic constipation is missed in children because it is misunderstood.

Your child may be constipated if they:

poop more than once a day,

have bowel movements that frequently clog the toilet (man poops)

strain to poo or try to with hold pooping because it hurts

Incontinence, Enuresis and constipation are all treatable and no child should be left to “grow out of it”.

Evaluation and Treatment for pediatric incontinence include: age appropriate education on muscles and organs that are used for elimination, visual examination of the pelvic floor, bowel and bladder diary, education on bladder irritants and foods that can contribute to constipation.

Evaluation and treatments are completed in the convenience fo your own home.