Private Therapeutic Yoga & Ayurveda

My background in physical rehabilitation allows me to create a yoga sequence that works best for you . This is a perfect opportunity to try yoga without fear of injury or worsen an existing injury.

Ancient Science meets Modern Medicine

Yoga builds strength and mobility. I use yogic breath work techniques to help detoxify the body and support mindfulness. I use targeted yoga postures that can significantly reduce stress and pain, boost the immune system and promote healing.

Ayurveda and Yoga are very closely related. They are considered sister sciences. Ayurveda is considered the “therapeutic” branch of Yoga, while Yoga is considered the “spiritual” aspect of Āyurveda.

Ayurveda advises us how to live an ethical way of life, in harmony with nature, in order to be happy and healthy.

A teacher of mine says that “Yoga brings us in tune with ourselves and Ayurveda in tune with nature.”

Using Ayurvedic principals to guide my treatments I can educate my clients on how to live a balanced healthy life!